Uncertain Goodbye

“Uncertain Goodbye”

I stand on the edge of now
Wondering where the next step will take me.
The space behind is filled
With the chaos of history and nightmares concealed
In the obscure crevices we do not seek.
Inertia drives me forward, and not back.
Suddenly I wish that you were here
Holding my hand and taking that step with me.
Again, I am pushed back into that hidden corner
That does nothing to help me heal.
Take your hand from mine, and walk away–
For memory and desire will forever tear us apart.
Past and future leave us sandwiched
With no rightful place to be.
Sadly, with no reason but experience
I have learned that loyalty to one
Sometimes compromises the other.

I stand with the uncertain conviction
That there might not be any life beyond
This vast dividing line.
I have known inside for a long time
That we have been separated
In body, but in soul and mind
There was a supernatural bond.
Time slowly eroded it.
Put your hand in mine, and walk with me–
Perhaps winged hope has not drifted from us.
Maybe this line marks something other than a rift
And can be formed to create a link.
With a naïve heart, I desire our union
But I cannot sense what is your desire
Because time has taken away my ability
To hear you.

And now I have to sit, because standing
Has become something I cannot do any longer.
I wonder where you are, and know I will never know.
The brightest fires soon die out, the brightest love
Quickly finds its end. A moment in time gets
Stuck in my throat, but I will not cry.
I will endure through whatever I have to
Because in the end, that is what we all do.
And time–time is the only thing that can lead me
To what this all means.

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