Did I dream you?
It seems like you were never real.
Maybe it was an illusion
Made for me just to appear
Whenever the time seemed the best.
So why does it hurt so much
When you fade away?

I blinked you away.
That is the only solution
I can arrive to
When all the pondering
and lying to myself is over.
You were here for an instant, yes,
Then something small
Rendered you gone.

Everyone asks about you
And how I manage to live without you.
The truth is, did I know anything else?
I am a mythical genie
who has the power to send you away
With nothing more than a nose twitch.
If only I could think of a way to bring you back.

Do I want you back?

When you do appear, again,
What will be the result?
A loving reunion of two hearts
Or a bloodcurdling collision of resentment?
Maybe I’ll be too weak for the latter
But the words will be there
Inside somewhere.

It won’t be wonderful when they come out.

And then you’ll fade away again.

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