Dreaming of You

Breathe out.
The night is cold.

Tossing and turning
I can’t find sleep.
I’m stuck on something,
Trying to reach abeyance.
When I gain freedom,
Sweet dreams soften my fall.
Dreams with promises of later,
Where tomorrow is always safe.
As long as you’re there,
I won’t worry about tomorrow.

In some philosophy,
They say the whole world
Is not coming to an fiery end
Like the Bible says it will.
But I don’t care anyway.
In my chilly bed,
I’m dreaming of you.
I could be faced with Hades
With his formidable spiky tail
And Jesus with long-flowing hair
Looking nothing like Jim Caviezel,
But I’d be blithely dreaming along.

Miles and oceans away,
You live the same life
As the bland existence of mine.
Well, except for that main difference.
Maybe you don’t toss and turn
But turn to your controller instead.
It’s all the same in my head.
Whatever passes the time
Until sleep arrives and pulls
The world out from under you.

I have no need for flowing oceans
Or gilded fairy-tale forests
Under shimmery silver clouds.
It often turns into a melee of passion
With you and me and nothing
In the middle of us.
And that, quite candidly,
Is exactly what I do want.
You would probably want it too.
Some other tomorrow.

Breathe in.
The night is gone.

It sure isn’t cold anymore.

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