»Jessica Thomas. The ex-wife of Lawrence Williams, the co-owner of the restaurant Belvidere’s and the eldest child of Irene Thomas-Wolfe and Robert Bullock, with whom she is estranged.
»Kevin Richardson. The husband of Kristin and the eldest member of the Backstreet Boys; currently the Music Department Head at the Sakura School.
»Daniella Thomas. Jessica’s younger sister and, quite essentially, Aidan Bloom’s “friend with benefits.”
»Aidan W. Bloom. A talented fashion photographer and Jessica’s friend; the youngest child and only son in the Bloom family; has two sisters, Marjorie and Susanna.
»Marjorie Bloom-Worchester. The widow of an English earl and the mother of two unnamed children.
»Midori Tsukimori. The Departments and Operations Coordinator of the Sakura School, which is named after her deceased sister Sakura; the youngest daughter of the Tsukimori family and former fashion model.
»Kristin Richardson. Kevin’s wife and struggling actress.
»Helen and Hayley King. The two sisters who traveled from England with a murky past.

»Nicole Smith. A friend of the Thomas sisters.
»Clark Ryan. Another friend of the Thomases; a police officer going to college for other aspirations.
»Jennifer Dunne. Jessica’s cousin and the talent behind JCD Designs.
»Ryan Matthew Chambers. An old friend of Jessica’s.
»Deborah Kelly. Jessica’s friend.
»Rachel Smith. Nicole’s big sister and another Audbone Heights alum.

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