Like Water for Chocolate Henry

From Part Two, Continued.

The sudden storm sent Henry into his house, the wet, cold rain and biting wind drove him to take a scalding hot shower. The wind was bitingly cold, so Henry threw some logs in the ancient fireplace and rubbed his hands together for heat. As the flames warmed the room, Henry straightened from his half-bent posture and thought about dinner.

Since he was taking a small break from the real world and filming before his next project, Henry didn’t bother turning on the television to see if the world was doing real fine without him. If he had turned on the telly, he would have been immersed in the speculation about Daniella Thomas and Orlando Bloom’s wedding, as insiders revealed that Gretchen Thomas was a no-show at the event. But since he hadn’t given the news a second thought, he was not privy to this information.

Henry turned away from the fireplace and intended to make himself dinner as the doorbell echoed through the house.

He frowned, brow creased as he strode to the door in bare feet. He was so puzzled that he didn’t even think about the fact that he was clad only in his unbuttoned jeans with no shirt.

His clothing (or lack thereof) became the last thing on his mind when he looked in the peephole and saw who it was standing on his doorstep.

“Oh shit…” He hurriedly unlocked and opened the door for the dripping, shivering young woman standing in the rain. “What are you doing standing in the rain like that? What’s the matter with—?”

Henry never got to finish. The words got caught in his throat when Gretchen Thomas rushed inside and into him. She was crying and shivering violently, but he had a sinking feeling that it all wasn’t from the cold, merciless rain.

*           *           *

After bathing her in water that was only slightly cooler than his own boiling shower, Henry led her into the warm, comfortable living room. She wore one of his sweaters that engulfed her lithe frame (in all honesty, the garment was quite large on him, too), and she hugged a thick blanket to her. She still shivered a bit, but now her lips weren’t nearly blue and some of the color had come back into her cheeks. Henry watched her as the firelight flickered in her green eyes. He waited for her to speak, as he had once she had stopped sobbing in the bathtub. She remained silent.

“Would you like something to eat?” Henry asked, hoping that something as mundane as dinner would prompt her to speak.

She chose to shake her head instead. A little irritated that she wouldn’t talk to him, he turned to leave the room.

“I’ll make you some soup,” Henry told her in a tone that indicated that there would be no room for argument. An instant before his foot crossed the threshold of the living room, Gretchen spoke in a small voice.

“We did it, Henry,” she admitted. “It finally happened. Last night.”

Something about the admission made his warmed blood go as cold as the rain falling outside. We did it. It finally happened. Last night. He felt himself turn around to stare Gretchen in the face. She didn’t look up at him.

Henry crossed the hardwood floor and stopped at the couch. He sat down next to Gretchen slowly. Outside, the wind howled its disapproval, too.

“You and Bloom had sex on the night before he got married to your sister?” Henry inquired, tone incredulous.

“It was an accident,” Gretchen insisted. “It just happened, Henry. He came storming into my house and the next thing I knew we were on the floor.” She shook her head as she remembered. “I wish I could take it back, take it all back.”

Speechless, Henry shook his head and turned to look at the fireplace. “You had a bleeding affair with your sister’s husband-to-be.”

Her lips trembled and her eyes filled again as self-loathing washed over her. “I betrayed my sister. I’m a horrible person.”

“You’ve certainly hit the nail on the head on that one,” Henry remarked, still trying to shake off the shock.

Gretchen looked at him, green eyes glittering with anger. “You could be a little bit more supportive here, Cavill. I’m going through a crisis—”

“I hardly call getting laid a crisis, love. But I suppose you would since it is your sister’s husband we’re talking about now.” He shook his head in disbelief. “I could see it coming. I figured you two would sleep together eventually.”

Gretchen’s eyes widened. “Henry?!”

“Well, I’m sorry for saying, but watching you two made the people around you a little itchy, if you catch my meaning, love. I can only imagine how he does when Danie’s in the bedroom with him. It’s probably like Showtime after hours.”

Angry, Gretchen pushed up from the couch and threw the blanket off of her. As the blanket pooled at his feet, Henry rose also as Gretchen stormed out of the room.

Because the urge to comfort her was stronger than the urge to admonish her anymore, he reached out and hugged her.

“You made a mistake,” Henry told her gently. “And you slept with Orlando Bloom on his last night as a bachelor. We’ll agree on that. But it’s not my position to judge you, Gretchen. You came here for because you felt lost and guilty, and I recognize that.” He shifted so that Gretchen stared up into his face. “Because I am willing to be your friend through this, you have to make me a promise. And if you don’t keep it, I’ll hate you for the rest of your life.”

“What’s the promise, Cavill?” Gretchen demanded, a bit of impatience in her voice. Henry was relieved that she still had some of her usual spunk.

“Read my lips, Gretchen,” Henry began. “You will not sleep with Orlando Bloom ever again. He’s a married man now. Not to mention that he’s your brother-in-law. Think of it as sleeping with your brother. Gives it the ick factor.” Gretchen rolled her eyes. “Whatever works, Gretchen.” His grip on her shoulders tightened. “Promise me. Just promise me.”

Gretchen sighed. “Fine. I promise, Henry. I won’t sleep with Orlando.”

Wordlessly, Henry brought Gretchen to him again. He could smell the faint scent of his soap on her, and for some odd reason, that aroused him a little. A little uncomfortable at the thought, Henry pulled away and offered Gretchen an encouraging smile.

“Will you eat now?” Henry wanted to know. “A man cannot break bread alone and I refuse to break the rules.”

Gretchen couldn’t help but smile. “If you insist…”

Henry held up his hands in a gesture of goodwill. “And I won’t mention anything more about Bloom or this whole ordeal, alright? Except for this one question. Does anyone know you’re here?”

“No. No one’s seen me since the bachelorette party yesterday night.”

Henry exhaled wearily, thinking about the phone calls he was going to have to dodge about his little stowaway. But he sensed that Gretchen needed a break from her life, and if he could offer her a reprieve from the barrage of speculation and stares, he would. This was his one and only chance.

He wrapped an arm around Gretchen’s shoulders as the lights in his hallway flickered. “Well, love, I suppose when you want to make it inconvenient, you’d might as well make it all the way inconvenient.”

*           *           *

Meanwhile, in their honeymoon suite, Daniella and Orlando Bloom celebrated their first night as husband and wife.

Well, they’d attempted to. Danie was a bit distant, worrying about Gretchen. Her absence at the wedding had obviously made Danie anxious, but Orlando had been slightly relieved. He hadn’t quite been sure what would have happened if she had shown up and they would have had to face each other.

But now that it was nearing midnight in Los Angeles, Orlando was a bit worried. He had been placating Danie all night, and now he felt her worry catching like a cold.

*           *           *

The first phone call came from Sienna Miller, ironically. Gretchen was asleep in the guest bedroom and luckily did not hear Henry’s cell going off. Henry did, unfortunately, and since he and Gretchen had been up half the night talking, he hadn’t been asleep for long enough.

Henry sighed tiredly. “Good morning to you, too, Sienna.”

“I thought you would want to hear the news,” Sienna said languorously.

“I doubt whatever you have to tell me—”

“Gretchen didn’t come to the wedding. Can you believe that?”

As he and Gretchen had talked about it at length, yeah—he could. But he was hardly going to tell Sienna that. Even though Gretchen had told him that he didn’t have to keep her whereabouts a secret, he had decided at this very moment to do so.

“I can somewhat believe it, Sienna,” Henry admitted. “Whatever relationship she had with Orlando didn’t have a chance to flourish, then a handful of months later he’s marrying her sister. Honestly Sienna—could you go to the wedding if Savannah married Jude?”

Sienna made a sound that was a cross between a guffaw and a snort. “Savannah would know better than to…” She trailed off when she realized she would be insulting Danie. “All right—so you have a point, Henry. But she seemed like all that nonsense was behind her. She was trying to help Danie with the wedding and everything. It doesn’t make any sense!”

Again, Henry was confronted with the realization that Gretchen had been adept into fooling nearly everyone around her—even, in some measure, herself. “Well you’ve certainly seen for yourself how good of an actress she is. And she’s had feelings for Bloom since Mistress—

He had forgotten himself and spoken with so much certainty that Sienna cried, “So you do know where she is!”

Henry swore inwardly but managed to keep it together on the outside. “Gretchen has confided in me about the situation, but that doesn’t mean I have her snoring on my couch.” He wasn’t lying entirely. He’d just offered her the guest bedroom instead.

“Well, I wouldn’t blame her if she ran to you,” Sienna admitted. “After all, you are one of the only people she truly trusts. She doesn’t trust me anymore these days.”

Henry paused thoughtfully at the faint regret in Sienna’s voice. He knew that Sienna was friends with Miranda Willard, who was Danie’s best friend and Orlando’s agent, but he hadn’t been sure of her connection to Gretchen outside of their working together on the Masked Mistress.

Because he was confused, he asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“I did sort of push them together—well, him and Danie, I mean…”

At Sienna’s sheepish tone, Henry sighed. “Don’t tell me you started this.”

“I didn’t really start anything! Honestly! I just suggested that Danie go out on a few dates with him. It wasn’t like Gretchen was around to stake a claim.”

That was hardly the point. Pure and familial decency should have had Danie hesitating. Apparently she paid no heed to the fact that Gretchen had been involved with Orlando. That was what Henry thought, but he didn’t say it. Frankly he couldn’t.

Gretchen was hovering in the doorway. And judging from her expression she had heard enough.

“Sienna,” he began while rising to a sitting position, eyes latched onto Gretchen’s, “we will have to discuss this later.” Sienna protested but Henry had already snapped the phone shut.

Silence fell for several beats before anyone spoke.

“I’m guessing that was Sienna,” Gretchen said unnecessarily.

“She wanted to fill me in, I suppose, though I also get the feeling she suspects very strongly you are here.”

“She’s smarter than people give her credit for,” Gretchen remarked. “Apparently she’s astute enough to see that my sister and Orlando were made for each other.”

Henry looked at Gretchen unwaveringly for a long time before she even so much as twitched. Something heavy was in the air, something a little more momentous than the whole wedding fiasco.

“Gretchen?” Henry prompted. “What’s the matter? You’re as pale as a ghost.”

Gretchen moved, and that was when he noticed the paper in her hands. No—a letter.

“What’s this?” Henry inquired about the letter.

Gretchen padded in barefeet into his room and sat on his bed. She brought her legs up Indian-style before she replied.

“As I was packing, I’d noticed some mail I hadn’t read yet and stuffed in with my clothes.” She handed him the papers. “Henry…I had a letter from Chris.”

Anyone who knew Gretchen Thomas knew how monumental that occurrence was. Gretchen had not spoken to Chris Parker, a fellow member of the Fray, since he entered physical therapy for his back injury in the accident that had killed Samantha Dunne, Gretchen’s cousin and the last member of the Fray. The loss of two of the closest people in her life had affected her more than she could have ever seen, and as Henry took the letter from her, he saw glimmers of whom others had known as the old Gretchen.

Dear Gretchen,

It has taken months for me to work up the courage to pick up a pen and write this letter. I know I hurt you when I requested that you not come see me while I was in rehab, but you must understand; I couldn’t have you see me the way I was, not faring much better than a newborn child learning how to walk. Being thrust back into that position after a quarter of a century did not do much for my ego. That is no excuse, however. I am apologizing to you right this very minute, and will probably do so for a long time. You are my bestest friend in this world and I want to make amends.

I heard about your new movie. I guess you can say that’s what caused me to think of you. I saw the trailer on television. Gretchen, you have more inside you than you think you have. Seeing you play Genevieve with the talent and passion that you have inside of you reaffirms my belief that you are, and always will be, a superstar. Knowing you, I can guess—no, I know—that you went through many nights thinking of Sam and me, and wondering if taking the role in Mistress was the best thing. Gretchen love, Sam wouldn’t want you to grieve, nor would I. You’re so full of life—no pun intended—and you deserve more than a life mourning Samantha and me. Samantha’s in a better place now, and I… I am on the mend. So you shouldn’t worry about me.

And speaking of me being on the mend, I have great news for you. By now I know you’re bawling your eyes out, wondering when you are going to see me. You won’t have to wait long. I have a few more days of rehab left, and I get to come to Gracia to visit. I haven’t decided whether or not to move to Gracia for good yet. It would be nice to be near all you guys again since we’ve been separated for so long.

Henry lowered the letter and looked at Gretchen’s face. She loomed over him like a pale, luminescent moon. Tears were streaming from her eyes, but they were not borne of sadness. It was hope that shimmered in those emerald depths, and an unspoken question as coherent as if she had spoken it aloud.

Placing the letter aside, Henry said simply, “If you want to go, I will go with you.”

The optimism on her face tugged on his heart. “You would?” Henry didn’t get a chance to reaffirm because Gretchen glomped him, laughing with sheer delight. Being almost stark butt naked under the only thing that separated him from a wiggling female made him feel rather itchy and uncomfortable. However, he merely bore it and worked up a smile. He was a man after all.

But Gretchen wouldn’t let him go… “Gretchen darling…could you please…you’re crushing my—”

Gretchen jerked upward, hand on mouth. “Oh God…was I really…?” She looked down, assessed the area she had once been, and then blushed madly. It was sorta cute.

“Yeah, you were,” Henry told her. “But I forgive you.” Gretchen slumped with relief as he ruffled her hair. “And you’re paying for the plane tickets.”


A woman named Mandi Smith from Roanoke, West Virginia, had boarded a plane at Los Angeles Airport going to London, England, at twelve thirty-five the previous day. What most didn’t know—that is, except for a handful of people—was that Mandi Smith was a soubriquet for the missing Gretchen Thomas. Moira-Selene stared at the black and white for a moment longer before putting it aside.

“I’d forgotten she still used that alias,” Moira-Selene said as her husband took a sip of the lemonade she had set out to greet her guests.

Across from her, Danie fumed. “She only did that so we wouldn’t find her and drag her ass back to Gracia. The nerve of her to miss my wedding!”

Something in Moira-Selene’s eyes flickered but she said nothing. Beside Danie, her new husband patted her hand consolingly. “At least she’s okay,” Orlando pointed out. “Things would be considerably worse if something bad had happened to her.”

“I agree,” Mick added. He assessed everyone’s faces and found it safe to pose the burning question: “Should we go find her?”

Danie bit off a terse yes, but Moira-Selene disagreed. Per usual for the twins. Mick leveled his gaze upon Orlando. “What do you think?”

If Orlando revealed what he really was thinking, he’d be stone cold dead for multiple reincarnations because Danie would kill him. He disagreed with his wife, but for reasons that he could not reasonably explain.

*           *           *

The trip up north took an hour and the drive to the rehabilitation clinic took half that, allowing for Gretchen to gain some semblance of calm, though she couldn’t help feeling like it was eleven fifty-nine on Christmas Eve with all of the bubbly anticipation running through her. She could hardly sit still.

At one point, Henry turned to her and observed, “You are very excited, I take it.”

Gretchen drew in a breath in and out to steady herself before responding. “Gosh, I guess I am.” She frowned at him. “If it’s bothering you–”

Henry chuckled and had her breaking off. “Gretchen, it’s fine, I promise. This is your best mate in the world and you haven’t seen him in three years. You’re entitled to this. Trust me.”


They stood silently as a man around six feet tall came into view.

His voice came out tremulous, on the edge of emotion. “Gretchen?”

She uttered his name on a choked sob and embraced him in a long-overdue hug. Nurse Green smiled faintly as she observed from beside Henry.

“In my three years of knowing him, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chris this happy,” Nurse Green remarked quietly.

As Chris gently chided a laughing Gretchen for trying to lift him up in the air, Henry nodded. “I would probably say the same for Gretchen, though I’ve only known her a few months. She’s…” He thought of how he met her at that party, then how they ran into each other in New York, and finally how he found her on his doorstep but quickly tried to expel that miserable image. “She’s been through a lot, and I think Chris held the vital piece of her she felt she had been missing.”

Nurse Green looked at him sidelong for a moment as if she were trying to discern how he felt about this. After a few seconds, she saw something in him she deemed satisfactory, then turned back to the scene before them.

“Perhaps someday you will form a just-as vital piece,” said the wise nurse, and left Henry frowning thoughtfully after her.

*           *           *

Confusion (Let Me Go)
Lyrics by Gretchen Thomas
Music by Gretchen Thomas, Chris Parker, and Max Harris
Produced by Chris Parker for Frayed Productions
Lead Vocals by Gretchen Thomas
Background Vocals by Gretchen Thomas and Chris Parker
All instruments by Chris Parker except Electric Guitar by Gretchen Thomas

In my head
Who needs love
Got this instead

Who are you and who am I?
Where are we and the reason why?
I’m stuck on Cupid and can’t get off
You say we’re in love and I know we’re not
Holding hands trying to stay two
How is it that loving you

Breaks me up
Sends me spinning
Around, around, around
Until I’m completely upside down

Is it you
Or is it I
Who needs to let go
Let me know
So I can move

Confusion, got spiderwebs in my head
Who needs love when I’ve got this instead?

Where is our unseen stopping place?
Is it beyond my shortened gaze?
Am I blinded or blindfolded?
‘cause it’s dark where I’m coming from
I need light to show me where to go
How is it that loving you

Breaks me up
Sends me spinning
Around, around, around
Until I’m completely upside down

Is it love
Or lust
That makes us not let go
Let me know
So I can move

Confusion, got spiderwebs in my head
Who needs love when I’ve got this instead?
Confusion, got spiderwebs in my head
Who needs passion when I’ve got this instead?

When you go
I’m the one who’s waiting
Everywhere I go
They want to know
Who’s got me

Broken up
Spinning around, around, around
Until I’m completely upside down
Oh baby if you don’t want me anymore
Just let me go
Just let me go
Let me go

In my head
Who needs love
Got this instead

*           *           *

Gretchen paused in the doorway of the kitchen, watching Henry. There was something brimming in her heart. She was puzzled by the feeling, since she had imbibed multiple glasses of wine and didn’t understand her own emotions. As he turned from the sink and glanced at her with that fabulous mouth curved, that selfsame heart paused as if dazzled.

Henry turned back to the sink to rinse the dishes, and Gretchen’s mouth dropped open in shock. It made sense now. She understood her heart’s message: you’re in love.

“Dios Mio,” Gretchen murmured, and dropped the glass.

*           *           *

The petite black woman stood against the wall beside him in silence before she spoke.

“You’re Henry aren’t you?”

It took a few beats before the sound of her voice sank into Henry’s frenetic mind. He turned to her inquisitive face, blinking himself from stupor. “Uh yes–I’m Henry. And who are you if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Nicole Smith. I’m one of the nurses on this floor.” She gave him a speculative look, then asked, “So where were you? You know, while all of this was happening.”

“I was in Los Angeles,” Henry responded, a little perturbed that she was being so nosy. That must have come through in his voice because Nicole nodded thoughtfully. “And why are my whereabouts so vital to you?”

Eyebrow cocked, Nicole sized him up. He knew that was what she was doing. You didn’t get to a quarter century of life without recognizing the signs. Nicole grunted under her breath and broke the withering and heavy scrutiny. She stared straight ahead at the dance of the doctors for a couple of beats then spoke.

“I was at the dinner,” she began. When he gave her a bemused look, she continued. “I think I made the comment about green bean casserole…”

Henry was taken aback. This efficient nurse in his midst had been that person…? “Yeah now I remember you…”

“Anyway,” she went on, “I remember when you showed up. Not because you looked quite fine that night—’cause you did—but because of the way Gretchen lit up when you entered the room. And because of that, Henry, I’m going to tell you what is really, really going on.” she placed a firm hand on his broad shoulder. “But you gotta keep a lid on this ‘cause I doubt they’re gonna tell you.”

“I promise,” Henry said earnestly. “Just please tell me.”

She told him. And he got the shock of his life.

*           *           *

Moira-Selene, clad in green scrubs, emerged from the ER with her expression blank. She went right to her husband. The others watched as she spoke in low tones to Mick with her back turned. Something passed between them. Mick strode off toward the exit, and Moira-Selene came to her family.

Irene rose to her feet. “Moira-Selene? What’s going on?”

Something like grief slipped through the crevices of her veneer and she had to purse her lips together. “They think…she was raped.”

Irene put a hand over her trembling mouth and David came up and embraced her. The rest of the family reacted with that same horrified shock, holding hands and wiping away tears. Orlando clutched Danie’s hand as he began to feel violently ill. Nicole, meanwhile, entered the room so unobtrusively that no one noticed her until she spoke.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” Claudia-Michelle remarked. “Raped? Why? By whom?”

Sadness turned into confusion, and the present members of the Thomas family reacted with varying degrees of bemusement. Orlando had to swallow a wave of nausea. Flashes of the incident tormented his mind and he could still hear Gretchen’s tearful refusal. No please…don’t…we can’t… They couldn’t know he was a part of this. They couldn’t.

Moira-Selene opened her mouth but Nicole spoke first. “I certainly can’t answer the latter question, but I may have some insight to help answer the first.”

“I find that hard to believe, Nicole,” Jessica admitted.

Realizing something crucial, Nicole leveled severe brown eyes upon Moira-Selene. “You didn’t tell them did you?”

Something momentous filled the waiting room and Orlando felt sicker. Sweat beaded on his brow, and he had to quickly wipe it away with a casual brush of his eyebrow. What secret was Gretchen hiding?

“You have hardly given me a chance,” Moira-Selene shot back.

Nicole made a gallant sweeping gesture with a bare arm. “Well go right on ahead and tell them, Dr. Thomas, before I do.”

Moira-Selene’s voice came out in a low, almost indecipherable tone: “She’s pregnant.”

The room went deathly quiet. Irene’s gasping breaths broke the silence as she completely slumped against her husband. Danie frowned at her own husband as he pushed off the seat in mystifying disbelief. He’d managed to conceal his stilted indignation.

“No,” Orlando found himself saying aloud, whirling to face Nicole. “That can’t be right.”

“It is,” Nicole confirmed, secretly noting his reaction. “The tests just came back. The Gretchen we know and love is three weeks along.” Nicole stepped around Moira-Selene and into the head of the room. “The question I can’t answer is if she knows or not. But my theory is that the person who assaulted her is not the father.”

“You’re suddenly very Sherlock Holmes all of a sudden,” Kai observed. “But I think I speak for all of us when I pose this question: how do you know?

Nicole shrugged. “To be honest, only Gretchen can confirm my suspicions, but you can call it a gut feeling.”

“In all fairness, even if it seems she leads us astray, Nicole’s hunches are never wrong,” Evie pointed out firmly from beside Claudia-Michelle.

“But she has to be wrong this time,” Orlando insisted. Danie tilted her head at him, wondering from where this fervent denial was coming. Irene was even coming out of her buckling amazement. “There’s no way in hell that Gretchen’s pregnant.”

Nicole’s right eyebrow quirked. “And you know this because you’re an active participant in Gretchen’s sex life?”

Everyone stared at him for his reaction. The frank question staggered Orlando for a moment—to answer the question truthfully would incite the exact reaction he was dreading—but he thought he recovered quite appropriately, considering the circumstances. “How dare you insinuate something so vulgar? Gretchen and I are like brother and sister. Not to mention I think any of us would have known if she was sleeping with anyone.” Despite the seriousness in the room, Nicole barely managed to stifle a snort. “So you find this amusing?”

“No, actually,” Nicole said with ironic humor laced in her tone. “I find this extremely fucked up. What I find amusing is that you’re so innately possessive of Gretchen that you refuse to entertain the thought that she could be intimate with someone else even though she has.”

“Possessive?!” Orlando burst out. “Why the bloody hell—?”

Nicole stared at him serenely. “I did not stutter, sir.” She addressed the rest of the room. “But don’t worry y’all—Orlando’s not the baby’s daddy. She got a massive upgrade on that one.”

Danie, whose ire was starting to rise, got to her feet despite her distended belly. Moira-Selene chided her twin against her temper and Jessica chided Nicole for her incendiary comment. “Are you trying to say you think my husband slept with Gretchen?”

Nicole put her hands up in a gesture of goodwill. “Shit. Don’t kill the messenger. You can hit him up all Blu Cantrell style later. Right now I’m just trying to clear the path for the man who definitely is the father.”

Danie opened her mouth and a torrent of angry words spewed out—at Orlando, at Nicole, at anyone who tried to stop her from lunging at them both. Moira-Selene escorted Danie out to calm her down, and she left the room cursing Nicole, who watched her calmly. During the uproar, the man in question walked into the room, expression blank but eyes filled with so much cold fury that they were they were hue of a stormy summer sky. He hovered behind Nicole, tense as a tightly coiled spring.

Only Evie could say his name aloud. “Henry?”

“Like I said,” Nicole remarked, gesturing behind her. “Massive upgrade.”

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