Here you will find Soul Love Live stories that I have not completed that are not quite cohesive enough to go on the main page or are sequels/prequels to stories already posted.

Carefully Hidden Chaos
Category: Fanfiction, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, Orlando Bloom
Summary: Jessica and Nick have been married for two years. The Newlyweds show has gone off the air, and they are trying to repair their marriage. Jessica meets Midori Tsukimori at a photo shoot and they hit it off; she introduces her to her friends Melanie (a novice music producer) and Gretchen (part of the band The Fray) and hit it off with them. As things deteriorate between Nick and Jessica, Jessica spends more time with them, exacerbating their widening rift.
Rating: PG-13 (for language and adult situations)
One TwoThree

Bringing Up Baby
Category: Fanfiction, Orlando Bloom, Gundam Wing (slight)
Summary: (From the Desperate Souls Arc) After the tragic death of Shannon, Gretchen agrees to have a baby with Orlando for the good of posterity. Unfortunately for her, it turns out to be much harder than she anticipated.
Rating: PG-13 (for language and adult situations)
Part One – Part Two

Like Water for Chocolate
Category: Fanfiction, Orlando Bloom, Henry Cavill
Summary: When life imitates art, Gretchen finds herself between her sister…and her sister’s fiance. She and Orlando Bloom have been co-stars for several months, and they date for a short while before Orlando meets Danie–and the relationship between him and Gretchen abruptly ends. After being separated from each other for some months, Gretchen learns that Orlando plans to marry her sister even though he feels attracted to Gretchen. They find themselves in a torrid affair, but Gretchen soon tires of playing second fiddle…
Rating: R (for sexual situations)
PrologueOneTwoThreeFrom FourFrom FiveFrom SixWeddingHenry – Baby

Unchained Melody
Category: Fanfiction, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, BSB, Amanda Latona
    Summary: After losing her memory in the epic battle between her and Sailor Sunfire Daniella Thomas, Amanda is given a chance at a new life.  When her old life tries to resurface, will she have to face her past transgressions?
Rating: PG (for adult situations)

The Tetragon (Sequel to Meet the Sisters)
Category: Fanfiction, Gundam Wing, Orlando Bloom
Summary: There are such things as love triangles, but what happens when four people are involved? An aspiring actor, a young tycoon, the mysterious girl that seems like a princess, and a rocker chick wannabe make up this unexpected love square.
Rating: PG-13 (for language and adult situations)
OneTwoThreeFourFive SixSevenEightNine

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