The List

The List
By Chris Parker

Dedicated to my good mate Orlando Bloom who will need this 🙂 

The Thomas Girls
Jessica: The oldest, and probably the most dangerous if provoked. Likes sports and funnily enough ballet. Used to dance when she was younger. Is now a doctor with life-saving abilities. And able to do the reverse I would suppose, if prompted.
Claudia-Michelle: The oldest of the quads, and rightfully so. Major interest is music, as she plays the violin and studied music overseas. Haven’t seen her much so more is not known.
Moira-Selene: The second-oldest of the quads and a dead ringer for Dora from David Copperfield. Well, sort of. She’s been sickly when I’ve seen her, but Gretchen assures me that a recent heart surgery has cured all ills. She is currently on house arrest until she heals. Independence Day is soon, I hear.
Daniella, aka Danie: The supermodel. Seemingly bratty at first, but a cool girl to know. Amazingly smart, but has a sharp, knock-a-mate-on-his-back temper. And not a shabby date I may say if the urge strikes you. But don’t try to fool her. That’s a big no-no.
Gretchen: No elaboration needed, since we already know her. Some more than others… *hint, hint*

The Dunne Girls
You are acquainted with dear Sam. What a lucky bloke are you.
Jennifer: Samantha’s little sister. Very fashionable and personable. Always has something nice to say or something helpful to do for someone. She might try to pin some fabric on you, so watch out. Aspiring designers seem to have that tendency.

The Strattford Girl
Cassandra: The oldest of the Thomas cousins. She is very much a cross between Jessica and Jennifer: very personable and sharp-witted without the dangerous feminist tendencies. Always smiling. Do I lie? Just watch.

The Other Girls
Miranda Willard:
Danie’s best friend. They’re almost nearly talking in Spanish. Bone up on the language before you go. She is also very observant, and we call her the “looking woman.” It’s supposed to be a play on her name or something. Ask one of the girls what it means.
Melanie Smith: One of Sam’s feminist friends. Fun to be around and very smart. Loves the Isley Brothers, so we get along swimmingly.
Nicole Smith: Melanie’s little sister. I’m gonna leave it at that and let you meet her yourself.
Megami Takumi Hill: Another friend of the girls, mostly Gretchen, though. Dances like the aforementioned and is very bubbly. She also has a tendency to match her friends together like she’s on Love Connection. Better hope she doesn’t try that on you.

I would list the guys, but there’s no reason to worry about mixing them up.




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