Meet The Sisters


The fate of three friends is compromised when they realize that two girls and one guy living in a two-bedroom apartment will lead to nothing but mayhem. When Orlando Bloom appears in Gracia in order to attend Kaminari University, he seems to be the answer to their co-habitation problems. The only catch? To assimilate into their tight-knit world, Orlando has to come back alive after meeting….the sisters. If you thought Meet the Parents was bad…

Chapter One – Perhaps We Need a Change
Chapter TwoShades of Red
Chapter ThreeFriday Night Fights (The MTS Version -_^)
Chapter FourWe May Need A Vacation From Our Vacation
Chapter Five  –Back For the Very First Time
Chapter SixOrlando’s Night Out
Chapter SevenA Mix-Up of Shakespearean Proportions
Chapter Eight You Know, We Just Might Want to Elope After This
Chapter NineThe United States of Nicole Smith
Chapter TenLoving You For Always? (Aw Hell, We Might Need That Drink After All)
Chapter ElevenHonestly, We Think He Would Have Preferred Being Struck Out


The Girls (According to Chris Parker)
Peek at The Tetragon, the sequel [ 01 – 02 – 03 ]

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