Here I Come – Fergie
Beautifully Broken – Ashlee Simpson
Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
To Know Your Name – Lindsay Lohan
If You Knew What I Knew Backstreet Boys
Almost Doesn’t Count – Brandy
Woman – Maroon 5
The Walk of Life – Spice Girls
Don’t Speak – No Doubt
10 I’m Still in Love With You – New Edition
11 Say It Right – Nelly Furtado
12 Heaven Can Wait – Michael Jackson
13 Now That You’ve Got It – Gwen Stefani
14 Lady – Lenny Kravitz
15 Lean on Me – Club Nouveau
16 Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playing This Song) – Backstreet Boys
17 Hold You Down – Jennifer Lopez featuring Fat Joe
18 Live and Let Die – Geri Halliwell
19 Goodbye to You – Michelle Branch
Hate the Girl – Daniella Thomas and Amanda Latona featuring Nicole Smith
Better to Be Lonely – Amanda Latona
Love the Girl – Eric Thomas
Who’s the Girl? – Daniella Thomas and Amanda Latona
Without You (Amanda’s version) – Amanda Latona
Somebody’s Gotta Keep the Beat – Daniella Thomas
Invisible – Amanda Latona
Nostalgia and Dust – The Fray
Snapshot – Aidan Bloom and Daniella Thomas
10 My Soul – The Mag Trio
11 Baby, If It’s Alright with You – The Fray
12 So Low – Daniella Thomas
13 Do You Still? – Amanda Latona
14 Rockstar – Amanda Latona featuring the Tiger Band
15 Sugar (Too Sweet) – Amanda Latona featuring the Mag Trio



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