Name: Amanda
Full Name: Amanda Marie Latona
Date of Birth: March 24
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: Around 5’5″
Best Known For: Being in Innosense and dropping out to pursue a solo career, dating AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys
Musical Stats: First solo album, Pandamonium, is about to be released
Dislikes Danie Because… She believes that she intentionally stole a cover from her and Denise McLean has told her bad things about Danie.
Likes Danie because… She believes Danie is undeniably poised and has much talent.
Dislikes Gina because… She is a bad influence on AJ.
Likes Gina because… She is less intimidating than Danie.
Role in HTG: The spontaneous one
Scandal: Eric Thomas is very close to his younger sister Danie. Danie doesn’t like Amanda at all, so when they start dating and the paparazzi find out, things blow up. To make matters worse, there are rumors flying around that she could be pregnant!



Name: Danie
Full Name: Daniella Elizabeth Melissa Thomas-Bullock
Date of Birth: September 2
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
Parents: Irene and Robert
Siblings: Jessica, Audrey, Eric, Claudia-Michelle, Moira-Selene, Gretchen, Angelica, Angela, Angelique
Nicknames: Danie, Dans, Hermanita, Lizzie, Dana-Liz
Hometown: Audbone Heights, New York
Height: 6′
Pets: Black cat named Hero (After who?)
Food: Sushi, Haagan Daazs ice cream, Heero’s pasta
Sport: Basketball, volleyball
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Colors: Violet, Red-orange
Perfume: Freesia (Bath and Body Works), Love Spell (Victoria Secret)
City: Rio de Janeiro, Madrid
Movie: Cocktail, Vanilla Sky, Risky Business, Dead Calm
Best Known For: Her short temper and fiery attitude, her unrivaled beauty and versatility
Musical Stats: First solo album, Supernova, has been released and has gone to #2
Dislikes Amanda Because… Amanda was the “other woman” when AJ cheated on her.
Likes Amanda because… She believes Amanda is fun to be around and has real talent.
Dislikes Gina because… She is a bad influence on AJ and she is not very nice to be around.
Likes Gina because… She likes Gina?
Role in HTG: The saucy one
Scandal: Danie is madly in love with her fiance Heero and plans to marry him after the tour. Unfortunately, Gina finds out that she has a huge crush on the co-star of her movie, Parting Is.




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