the necessary answer type thing for WHAT’S THIS ABOUT?


What is HTG about?

Good question. Perhaps you should read the history first to get a general idea of where this begins.

Hate the Girl is bascially about two famous women who don’t like each other and another not-so-famous woman. Two of them are able to cope with their dislike; the other is not able to handle this so well and causes some trouble. (If you really don’t wanna spoil it for yourself, then don’t read the bios; they’re full of spoilers.)

Perhaps Hate the Girl is a little message I have to everyone out there. Maybe. I don’t know. As usual, I’m too close to it all to figure it out, so it’s up to you all to interpret it anyway you want to. It’s all just one door-slamming, hair-pulling comedy to me.




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