Hate the Girl

Archenemies Amanda Latona and Daniella “Danie” Thomas have to team up to perform on the Hate the Girl tour. Amid people popping up from the past and new difficulties getting in their way, will Danie and Amanda be able to put their rivalry aside?

Episode 1 “The Call”
Episode 2 “A Rock Star’s Work Is Never Done”
Episode 3 – “Bad News Pandas”
Episode 4 – “The Lunch”
Episode 5 – “Double Trouble”
Episode 6 – “Workin’ at the Car Wash”
Episode 7 – “Amanda the Baby-Sitter”
Episode 8 – “Radio Riot Girls”
Episode 9 – “Welcome to Pandadise”
Episode 10 – “The Wrath of the Supermarket Tabloids”
Episode 11 – “Family Feud”
Episode 12 – “Phone Tag”
Episode 13 – “Spawn of Envy”
Episode 14 – “No Room for Amanda Latona”
Episode 15 – “Like Father, Like Daughters”
Episode 16 – “The Fight”
Episode 17 – “Truth Hurts”
Episode 18 – “Tug of War”
Episode 19 – “Tug of War” Part Two
Episode 20 – “The Decision”


“Fire in Bloom” featurette

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