Fear Not Prod – Codename Fixed, Kamikaze Girls Added

I finally got a chance to fix Codename: Manhattan Supergirl the other evening and totally forgot to post that I did! Oops. So all of the chapters are functional and up. Well, at least the ones I’ve written so far.

I also posted another story under Fear Not Productions called The Kamikaze Girls. There are no extras yet because I really haven’t returned to the story since I started it several months ago. But it’s something different, and worth posting.


The Works section is posted, along with lots of content. Most of the short stories, songs, and poetry have been posted. The Works section will probably have only short prose and verse while Soul Love Live Presents and Fear Not Productions will have the longer prose, both fiction and fanfiction.

Side Note: The Fall Girl (The Demon Remix) is going to be posted under Fear Not Productions when I get the chance to format it.