The Tricorn
(based on Infinity, the Reprise)

Isabelle Esperanza Flannery, also known as Isabelle Esperanza Garza de Fuentes, is the oldest and only daughter born to Alejandro Garza and Maria Fuentes. With her quick wit and heart big enough to pour an ocean into, it is easy to see why people like her–and how some can dislike her. Her childhood in New York City prepared her very little for the shock of moving west during her adolescence, when she would meet the charming and slightly shy Michael Vaughn during a tumultuous walk home, along with the haunted and brilliant Sydney Bristow after a school play. Though she spent most of her adult life acting and singing for a living, she quietly fell into the background as an English language teacher after giving birth to her daughter Sophie, who was the direct result of romantic encounters with the aforementioned Vaughn. In the world of the Tricorn, she is the incarnation of the Goddess, a powerful woman with a link to the Earth and the elements and the keeper of the Globe.

Michael C. Vaughn is the only child of French Amelie Delorme and the American William Vaughn. His father, a former CIA agent, died with he was eight years old, leaving his mother as his only parent. A patient, shrewd, and pragmatic man, Michael (or Vaughn as Sydney Bristow will dub him) grew up in sunny Southern California with his mother and studied practical subjects in college before landing himself in the CIA–following in the footsteps of his father. During his quiet childhood, he encounters the spunky Isabelle Flannery while walking home from school and the mysterious Sydney Bristow during a game of softball with the boys. While he has little trouble with the ladies (especially as far as his looks go), the dynamic that forms among him and the two women sometimes makes him want to tear his hair out. In the world of the Tricorn, he is the incarnation of the Guardian, the insightful mentor grounded in wisdom and knowledge who brandishes the Golden Staff.

Sydney Anne Bristow, the youngest of the Tricorn set and decidedly the brawn of the outfit, is the daughter of the infamous Irina Derevko and the equally famous CIA agent Jack Bristow. Shrewd like Vaughn and quick-witted like Isabelle (but by no means not pragmatic or big-hearted!), Sydney is formed by the supposed death of her mother when she was six. Sydney had intended on being an English literature professor just like her late mother when she joins the CIA (or when she believes she is, and is actually joining SD-6). She and Isabelle have something in common–they both had a relationship with Michael Vaughn–but Isabelle, in some aspect, has an upper hand: Vaughn’s only child. Sydney does not resent this because Isabelle does not use her daughter as a bargaining chip for Vaughn’s affections (as a lesser woman could). Sydney, understandably, is wary of Isabelle until she senses a real kinship with her that goes beyond whatever they shared with Vaughn. In the world of the Tricorn, she is the Warrior, the dangerous fighter trained by nefarious experience who handles the Sword.

Supporting Characters

Nicole Smith, Isabelle’s personal assistant and friend. Has a secret link to the undergound medical facility The Lion’s Den.
Jack Bristow, Sydney’s father and fellow CIA agent.
Sophie Flannery, eventually Sophie Flannery-Vaughn, Isabelle and Vaughn’s daughter.
Julian Sark, a member of the Covenant who teams up with Lauren (and Samara/Darcy).
Lauren Reed, Vaughn’s wife and mole for the organization the Covenant.
Eric Weiss, fellow CIA agent and Vaughn’s best friend. Also good friends with Sydney.
Marisol Sebastian, Isabelle’s best friend.
Mick O’Lara, Detective from the Gracia Police department who collaborates with  Sydney.
Samara Lewis/Darcy Flannery, Isabelle’s stepsister who changes her name and joins the Covenant.

The “Cast”
(If you look close enough, you can see the names of the people who “represent” each character, with the exception of Sophie.)

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