The search for a new artifact reveals Isabelle Flannery, the mother of Vaughn’s child–a child no one knew about. Her presence leads to the uncovering of a startling Rambaldi secret that may tie Sydney, Vaughn, and Isabelle to him more than they want.

Chapter OneTuesday
Chapter TwoMisled
Chapter ThreePrecedent
Chapter FourStopover
Chapter FivePursuit
Chapter SixBriefing
Chapter SevenBox
Chapter Eight Convergence
Chapter NineInterlude
Chapter TenRevelation
Chapter ElevenFamily
Chapter TwelveLoss
Chapter ThirteenIntrusion
Chapter Fourteen – Shield

Maura Ayala
Family Trees [ 01 – 02 ]

Former Versions
The Tricorn [ 00010203 ]
Infinity, the First [ Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4]


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