Introduction. At this point you’re probably wondering… What in the hell is going on here?

Codename itself starts somewhere in the Fearless timeline after #22, Alone, and the Serendipity timeline somewhere in the time frame after Child Prodigy. At this point in the timelines, Josie, aka Josephine Midori Yuy, has turned thirteen and has discovered that she will never be normal, and Gaia has witnessed the death of George Niven. In a sick twist of fate, they will meet each other to help save the people in their lives that they love.

Before Codename in Prodigy (if you don’t feel like reading it cuz it’s not done yet!) Josie, along with four of her cousins, finds that she has inherited the fighting skills of her father. Because of this, her trainer, Tristian Harper, starts performing “experiments” perhaps not quite like the ones that were performed on Gaia, but very similar. Tristian makes a log of his training time with Josie and gives it to her parents where he thinks it will be safe.

Uh, duh, Tristian–you know it ain’t gonna be safe!

To make a long story short (and further confuse anyone that hasn’t even heard of Serendipity or read any story on there) a female presidential candidate on the verge of getting revenge on the American government finds out about Josie and her four cousins, captures them, and plans to have them all cloned. Before she gets to clone them, however, their parents burst in and save the day whoopty-doo.

Unfortunately for Josie, the matter is not closed because one of the scientists not horribly mauled by the kids’ anxious and quite dangerous parents finds her file some five years later. With this he resurrects the plan.

Sounds interesting, huh? Strange little girl, stupid trainer, evil scientist. Pause. Well don’t answer too quick. You might hurt yourself.

Well, then, on to the characters.

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