013 Tragic Little Voice.

Josie’s face drew up in a serious mask. Gaia shared a glance with Tatiana, intrigued. It suddenly got dramatic in the room. Gaia could tell that Josie had quite a story. Maybe if she wrote it down, Steven Spielburg could make the movie version.

“Well,” she began in a tragic little voice, “it all began two weeks ago. I had been walking home from school when I saw that I was being followed.”

Gaia shook her head in disbelief. She knew all too well of the feeling. Being pursued by dogs after a juicy bone was not her idea of fun. Beating them up? Well, that was another thing altogether…

“Who was following you?” Tatiana inquired, looking the picture of a police detective.

Josie shook her head, trying to recall. “I don’t know. But it kept happening. Finally my dad drove me to school and back home. He wasn’t too happy about it. But when it started happening to Jason, he became majorly pissed off. He knew that as soon as they caught one of us, they’d start running tests and experiments and turn one of us…into what he used to be.

“Mom tried to calm him down as she usually does, but it didn’t work this time. Dad found out that our phones were tapped. Private conversations he had with my mother were being sent to him by e-mail as a warning. They told him that he’d better get ready to make a choice. He got madder and madder—until finally he couldn’t take it anymore. As soon as we could, he said we had to get away from Gracia. So we made plans to make it look like an emergency had occurred and we had to come here.

“Anyway, we were safe until yesterday morning. When I woke up, people were in the house. We were staying at a friend’s place—a friend of Mom’s. They were yelling and telling Mom and Dad that if they didn’t hand us—Jason and me—over, they’d kill them. I saw my mother shoot two of them before she told me to run. Jason wouldn’t until Dad told him to go. We ran in opposite directions. I tried to keep up with him, but he disappeared.”

The tale she was spinning out was something straight out of a suspense movie. It sounded like a story some crazy mad scientist turned movie director would turn into a horrid screenplay. Gaia almost didn’t believe it—that is, until she pulled the disk from her pocket.

Tatiana’s eyes widened as if Ed McMahon had just presented her a check for one million dollars. Gaia couldn’t help it either. She was not only curious, but pissed off and outraged. She half-wondered if Loki was behind all this calamity. After all…look what he did to her. Had he gotten impatient that his pet project wasn’t co-operating and had decided to find someone else?

Knowing Loki, she wouldn’t be half-surprised.

“What is on the disk?” Tatiana wanted to know.

Josie put down the disk and looked to her, expression deadly serious. “Their plans for me and Jason.”


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