003 – Mindless Regis and Kelly Banter.

Josie was now convinced that something strange was going on. Not only was she stupidly kicking a tree that was much thicker and definitely older than she was but she was tearing up her foot in the process. As a voice spoke to her from behind, she hesitated. Her bloody house shoe fell to the ground and she turned around as if about to face a firing squad.

The girl was taller than she was, almost six feet. She stared down at Josie with curious blue eyes with blond hair that reminded her of those Loreal commercials. But this was no Kate Moss, or tall, skinny, untouchable, dainty fashion model, she could tell. If there was one thing her father taught her, it was that all appearances were sometimes deceiving.

And it also looked as if the girl had a father who told her this as well.

“You know,” the girl said, seeing that Josie wasn’t going to speak, “it would have been smarter to have been wearing real shoes if you were going to pummel the hell out of a tree.”

Josie had to chuckle. She had to give the mysterious girl some credit for her wry sense of humor. After all, it had been a very amusing icebreaker. It was certainly more innovative than anything she could have come up with, especially when she had been running for her life the whole day without a crumb to eat. Her mind and body were running on empty. The needle was on E.

“Well, I left my real shoes with my real outfit at home,” she joked back tiredly. She leaned down and picked up her WWII-battle wrecked looking shoe. “Unfortunately I can’t keep a spare in my pocket. It’d weigh me down on my nightly Park run.”

The girl raised an eyebrow, keeping up the mindless Regis and Kelly banter that broke the silence of the dark night. “So I guess these guys are your bodyguards.”

Josie walked forward lightly on her foot. She stopped two feet short of her tall savior and peered up into her face with innocent eyes. “Actually, I was trained so that I wouldn’t need bodyguards.”

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