014 Josie


One time when I was eight, I started hearing voices. Okay, it sounds like something a schizophrenic would complain of, but it wasn’t really that. It was something more, like fate whispering in my ear. I found myself punching a bag full of rocks, looking a shrunken female version of my father as a teenager. My father came outside and freaked out. He told me to never ever do that again. I promised.

Then I was kidnapped. Tests were run on me that would make anyone’s skin crawl. I can never forget the tactics they used…the electric shock…the physical beatings… They wanted to figure out if the spawn of Heero Yuy had inherited Heero Yuy’s skills and well as his DNA.

Well, she had.

And it wasn’t pretty. Out of me they tried to create another Perfect Soldier.

My father went nuts trying to make himself forget, make me forget. Mom told me that he nearly had a breakdown when I had to go off for training with Tristian. He didn’t like what he saw happening to his little daughter. Soon after that, Mom was pregnant with Jason. And she didn’t like that her lovely life was being shredded to pieces by a scientist who wanted to take over the world. So what else is new.

Ever since then, my parents have tried to give me a normal life. It seemed to work…up until now.

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