010 Ed


Alright what’s going on here?

I’m used to the craziness that often comes with being a friend of the resident Supergirl, Gaia Moore. As a matter of fact, I think it had almost become ingrained in my system. I knew from the first moment I knew her—okay, not the very FIRST moment, but somewhere in there—that she had some untouchable tragedy following her around. But this is all that my ex-skater rat self can take. Especially after all the soap-operish farce that has been becoming my life.

But this little kid, he’s cool. After the initial shock–more like heart failure–I found him to be pretty much your normal five-year-old kid. He seems to be happy with the TV screen in front of him, idly asking me questions like, “What’s a beer bong?” and “Does everyone do stuff like that?” He looks very innocent, like a kid that would put on his Spiderman pajamas and ask to be read Harry Potter over and over again.

Pretty normal, huh?

But then he pulls out a pad and paper and reassures my theory that there’s something in the water. Kids these days are really smart…or something. I think I might go with ‘or something.’ I guess the internet works wonders. But then he tells me that his mom taught him all this stuff. A mom that seems normal enough to have her own TV show, which I surmised…until he tells me that she’s six-one, forty-five years old, and has a black belt.

A supermodel, perhaps. He affirms this after mentioning a few magazines that guys drool over while pausing at the magazine stand. Gosh, he’s lucky, with a supermodel for a mom. I imagine his father is the luckiest of all. It would be every hot-blooded American male’s dream, a supermodel for a wife. But he says that his mommy likes things to be normal for them. Perhaps they have this apple-pie existence with a checkered table cloth and pot roast every night. It’s the American Family Barbie, Ken, Skipper, and (what’s the little boy’s name again?) set, dog Spot and cat Mittens not included.

But why do have this feeling that looks are deceiving?

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