006 Gaia


Okay, has the world gone nuts or is it just me? No, I’m convinced it’s the world this time. Only the world would think of something this screwed up to fire at me when I’m at my all-time low for the moment.

So let me get this straight: my father has just been sold-out by his best friend to his evil brother and in succession I manage to rescue a girl who should have “I Love Trouble” tattooed on her forehead and loves to kick trees till her feet are mauled. Well, maybe she loves trouble but I’m the one that attracts it.

Could the night get any crazier? Oh wait, I forgot. In the here and now, you have to be accustomed to expect anything. I guess the three-ring circus comes next with the flying monkeys. That would top off the night just perfectly amid this mess called my life.

Now I suppose I have to figure out what to do with this rugrat. She’s not annoying like I’d originally expected her to be. She’s as quiet as a mouse—and also as stealthy as a panther. She probably thinks she’s watching my back, which is sweet sort of. I can watch my own back, thank you.

But there is a question that is nagging me from the back of my brain ever since we left the park: where in the world did this girl come from? And even more important: Are they (whoever they are) after her for the same reason that they’re after me?


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