005 Josie


Where do I begin? I don’t know of any good place to start. It’s all too weird to fathom. One minute I’m running for my life from three guys and next thing I know I’m face to face with a girl that looks like one of those European supermodels with a black belt in all martial arts known to man.

It’s one of those moments I wished I was six-one with a black belt myself. Or in other words, Mom.

But even more apparent than her physical dexterity is her guardedness. She seems to have a worldly air about things. And not only that but she looks smart. You know what I mean. The type of girl that just eats smart, breathes smart, embodies the word for god sakes! She is so perfect it’s scary. Demi would probably love her. But then again, maybe she’s not so perfect. Looks can be deceiving, remember? (Thanks, Dad.)

There has to be something up with her. I mean, she saved me without a second thought! You probably have to be practically fearless to do that. And walking through the park at night! She has to be fearless, if that’s possible. Maybe she’s hiding something. I guess I’m getting that curious feeling courtesy of genes from Mommy Dearest. She always has been kinda nosy.

I know one thing. This Gaia Moore—I owe her one.


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