Gaia Moore won’t lie–she has a messed up life. An insane uncle, a deceased mother, an absent father–things couldn’t be worse…that is until she meets Josie, a thirteen-year-old from California who certainly isn’t fearless…but fights like she is.

000 Innocent Visage.
001 Josie.
By Any Means Necessary
002 Drugged-out Punky Brewster.
003 Mindless Regis and Kelly Banter.
004 Spinning Ice in a Scotch Glass.
005 Josie.
006 Gaia.
Do or Die
007 Dear Gaia.
008 Death Trap.
009 Innocent Blood.
010 Ed.
011 Jason.
012 Teenage Hierarchy.
013 Tragic Little Voice.
014 Josie.
Phone Home
015 Guileless.
016 Guarded.
017 Pout and Silent Treatment.
018 Wishful Thinking.
The Look of Fear
019 Waiting.
020 Daniella Yuy.
021 A Melrose Place Slap in the Face.
022 Loki.
023 Useless.
024 Pretty Boy.
Stranger than Fiction
025 Reason.
026 The Old School.
027 A Damn Shame.


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