We Are Family


It’s so often that we bash one another. Ladies, why can’t we uphold one another and make us stronger as a whole?

LOL, that’s today’s thought for you. Happy Sunny Day–even if it’s raining in your hood (like it is in mine, tee hee)!

LOL, I am so lame

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that you can connect with people everywhere, anywhere. People from miles away, from worlds away, that you would have never crossed otherwise. I encountered the blog of Vanessa, a young woman pledging to be single for 1000 days, and I tell you, in the light of my recent […]

Random Musings I: Reasons Why I Would Love to Be Daniella Thomas for a Day

So. I have problems with assertiveness. I linger in doorways waiting to be noticed, remain silent until it’s my turn to speak. I languish in my room wishing for excitement. I fidget awkwardly at parties where I only know one or two people. Gosh, I’m boring, aren’t I? Living vicariously through characters provides me with […]

New Year, New Content!

I have been hard at work the last few hours putting up the new page under Soul Love Live. It is simply ‘Miscellaneous,’ and it contains work of mine (all fanfiction for now, but that could change) that are not cohesive enough to post on the main SLL page or a prequel and or/sequel to […]

Light for “Mirth” and “Winter”

I have posted two Soul Love Live stories, The House of Mirth and First Winter. There are no extras for the House of Mirth yet because I really haven’t returned to the story since last year. The extras for Winter, however, pertain to the story and are in no way supposed to be real. Does […]