Whatcha Been Doin’, Dennie-chan?

You all may have noticed that I have not posted in a while. The post preceding this one is my first in a long while, and I feel mixed about it.

What happened? you ask. Honestly? Amid a new job and certain people wafting in and out of my life (not gonna mention any names ;)) I got lazy and forgot that I had the power of my pen, so to speak. So I am going to wield my power accordingly.

My blog is going to function a little differently. I am going to share a little more of my thoughts with the world, not just my works. And who knows, maybe I will find some kindred spirits out there. 🙂

I have a brain. I have an appreciation of words. Let’s get it on.



If you all didn’t know, that is where I got the tagline… Give up the funk!

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