Precious Moments

The constant parade of visitors exhausted her; they did nothing but give her conscience a life. She had buried it underneath an assumption, a moral falsehood. More moments passed during which it plagued her greatly. At first, it took considerable effort to look anyone in the eye. Now she existed inside a haze of lethargy—a fact that annoyed Rachel to no end.

She peered at her feet as the guard led her to the visitor’s area. The guard gestured to her seat. As her eyes slowly rose to the figure sitting on the other side of the glass, her body temperature dropped.

For the first time in days, she felt something: shock.

She couldn’t breathe.

“Ms. Thomas?” pressed the guard.

Danie inhaled, setting her face to more somber lines. She lowered herself into the chair, picked up the receiver mechanically. She only spoke after she was sure that she could speak calmly.

“What are you doing here?” she asked softly.

Kaneshi Tsukimori gazed wordlessly at her before responding. “I had to come. And see you.” Pause. “You really dug yourself in this time, didn’t you?”

Danie rolled her eyes. This was old already. “If you’re here to admonish me—”

“I am merely concerned,” Kane interrupted. “I came out of concern. That is it. I’m not going to rub this in your face.”

“Why not?” Danie asked bitterly. “It’s all the rage these days. Seems like great fun when you’re not on the ass end of it.”

His gaze lingered on her weightily. “Because I can’t bear to cause you anymore pain.”

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