New Year, New Content!

I have been hard at work the last few hours putting up the new page under Soul Love Live. It is simply ‘Miscellaneous,’ and it contains work of mine (all fanfiction for now, but that could change) that are not cohesive enough to post on the main SLL page or a prequel and or/sequel to an existing story. FNP might have one, too–I have not decided.

The best example is Like Water for Chocolate, which is a story with awesome scenes that I found myself randomly writing but can’t help but love. My favorite sections are ‘Glasgow’ and ‘Henry,’ because those scenes bring Henry Cavill into the story much more than the more finished first few chapters. Chocolate is unfinished, but I wanted to post it anyway. Not to mention, at one time, it was meant to be the sequel to The Masked Mistress, but now it only vaguely resembles its former version.

Also on the SLL page is a new entry: Hate the Girl. HTG is a fanfic I had started almost eight years ago that featured former singer/model Amanda Latona going head-to-head with Danie. Only two episodes of the “series” so far, but enjoy the extras!

I also updated the Aurora page because I finished the story over a year ago but forgot to post the last chapter and the epilogue. But now they are there along with the deleted scene “The Godfather” and the sneak peek at Della Loves Johnny, which I hope to dabble more with one day.

Enjoy, all!

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