Serendipity and Midnight Moon


Sorry it has been so long since I have updated! I have been hiding out and jumping into Gundam Wing fanfiction again along with trying to get some original stuff off the ground. Serendipity is the home of the GW-centered works of my best friend Rachel and me, while Midnight Moon is the home of the Gifted Nine, a new version of the Midnight Senshi.

With the rebirth of Serendipity (it had originally been hosted on GeoCities) come the stories Strange Bedfellows, whose banner is posted up above, and the fun and ficclet-filled Alphabet Wing. An action drama tale centered around the lives of Heero Yuy and Daniella Thomas, Strange Bedfellows will be my second attempt to write a Relena-friendly story. If you read the stuff on Serendpity, you’ll find that Rachel and I make Relena into this  fanatical, Heero-obsessed character who makes Danie look good by merely breathing. However, with Bedfellows, I get to explore the dynamic between Heero and Danie without Relena seeming crazy in contrast.  I get to make it hard! He he. So check it out on Serendipity or


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