Happy Birthday, Danie and Moira-Selene

September 2, 2009

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to know a birthday will reek of mild embarrassment. It’s a fact of life that permeates through time and space. And it usually wears a sombrero.

That feeling that comes over you when you are dining in a restaurant when, all of a sudden, the room is alive with singing, clapping, felicitations in a different language (depending on the kind of restaurant). Sympathy. That poor person, uneasily, uncomfortably in the middle of the chaos. You feel sympathy, but deep inside you’re glad it’s not you. And if you are the one in the middle of the whirlwind, well, nothing more than the ground swallowing you whole will suit the moment.

When it comes to birthdays, I think of them like I do a tempestuous thunderstorm–I would rather cover my head and wait for it to pass.

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LOL, I am so lame

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that you can connect with people everywhere, anywhere. People from miles away, from worlds away, that you would have never crossed otherwise.

I encountered the blog of Vanessa, a young woman pledging to be single for 1000 days, and I tell you, in the light of my recent relationship…adventures (putting it mildly), I admire her fortitude. I wish I had the courage and diligence to do the same. I don’t know who he is, the next one to come along, or from where he is going to come, but I know I am not going to be sitting idly by and waiting for him. Bump that. I’ve got a book to finish!

Vanessa, I hope the best for you and I will be keeping tabs!

So start with her at the beginning: Day one.

Precious Moments

The constant parade of visitors exhausted her; they did nothing but give her conscience a life. She had buried it underneath an assumption, a moral falsehood. More moments passed during which it plagued her greatly. At first, it took considerable effort to look anyone in the eye. Now she existed inside a haze of lethargy—a fact that annoyed Rachel to no end.

She peered at her feet as the guard led her to the visitor’s area. The guard gestured to her seat. As her eyes slowly rose to the figure sitting on the other side of the glass, her body temperature dropped.

For the first time in days, she felt something: shock.

She couldn’t breathe.

“Ms. Thomas?” pressed the guard.

Danie inhaled, setting her face to more somber lines. She lowered herself into the chair, picked up the receiver mechanically. She only spoke after she was sure that she could speak calmly.

“What are you doing here?” she asked softly.

Kaneshi Tsukimori gazed wordlessly at her before responding. “I had to come. And see you.” Pause. “You really dug yourself in this time, didn’t you?”

Danie rolled her eyes. This was old already. “If you’re here to admonish me—”

“I am merely concerned,” Kane interrupted. “I came out of concern. That is it. I’m not going to rub this in your face.”

“Why not?” Danie asked bitterly. “It’s all the rage these days. Seems like great fun when you’re not on the ass end of it.”

His gaze lingered on her weightily. “Because I can’t bear to cause you anymore pain.”

Whatcha Been Doin’, Dennie-chan?

You all may have noticed that I have not posted in a while. The post preceding this one is my first in a long while, and I feel mixed about it.

What happened? you ask. Honestly? Amid a new job and certain people wafting in and out of my life (not gonna mention any names ;)) I got lazy and forgot that I had the power of my pen, so to speak. So I am going to wield my power accordingly.

My blog is going to function a little differently. I am going to share a little more of my thoughts with the world, not just my works. And who knows, maybe I will find some kindred spirits out there. 🙂

I have a brain. I have an appreciation of words. Let’s get it on.



If you all didn’t know, that is where I got the tagline… Give up the funk!

Random Musings I: Reasons Why I Would Love to Be Daniella Thomas for a Day


Daniella Van Graas: A real Danie, just not mine. But if a Midnight Moon movie ever happens (yeah, right), I know who’s gonna be playing The Firestarter… 😉

So. I have problems with assertiveness. I linger in doorways waiting to be noticed, remain silent until it’s my turn to speak. I languish in my room wishing for excitement. I fidget awkwardly at parties where I only know one or two people. Gosh, I’m boring, aren’t I?

Living vicariously through characters provides me with an outlet for some of my inner frustrations about my own personality. However, don’t you think it would be more fun just to embody a creation for a day? To be a markedly different person? To don a mask and step into someone else’s shoes?

The first on my list would be Daniella Elizabeth Thomas.

Why Danie?

I created Daniella (at first named Dana) out of the mold of Sweet Valley’s Jessica Wakefield. As she and I grew together, Dana transformed Danie, a young woman with considerably more edge than the aforementioned Ms. Wakefield. (No offense, Francine!) Danie’s back-story is that of a angsty cover girl; she lived a charmed life as a Stella model until her sixteenth birthday when a young man raped her. Months later, she learned he had impregnated her. In all of the story arcs where Danie exists, she never raised her twin daughters. Depending on the universe, she either relinquishes them voluntarily–or has them stolen post-birth. Over the recent years, I have fashioned her into a fiery beauty with a bit of grime. The Danie Thomas that exists in the world of Midnight Moon is the best representation of her current incarnation.

Danie has this wonderful quality about her that makes me want to rush down to the optometrist and demand violet contacts. (Hey, don’t act like you haven’t thought about it.) She exudes power. She exudes beauty. However, I would not assert that she is perfect. She can be selfish, rash, insolent, and she possesses the innate ability to be a big flaming bitch. Yeah, you read that correctly: a big, flaming bitch.

Through my existence, I have ascertained that bitches generally attain what they want. They have a sharp sense of self-preservation coupled with a blistering view of reality and unfaltering, unapologetic candor we passive-aggressive wannabes covet. Well, at least Danie does. Example?

She turned to her companion, eyes filled with feigned inquisitiveness. “What’s your name again?”

He flushed under her unwavering stare. “Rob—my name is Rob. We, uh, were in the study group during the section about Sigmund Freud and the tripartite model in Dr. Webster’s class. You know…”

“Yeah…right.” She recalled the experience as being mildly annoying, but her sociable cousin had wheedled her into it as she did most social interaction these days. Her lips curved at the edges. A hint of contrived mirth. Rob should’ve been petrified. “Can I ask you something?”

Excited by the opportunity an exchange with a beautiful, elusive girl, Rob sat down, leaning forward with apparent interest. “Oh yes, of course.”

“Do I look like the kind of person who would make up some soap opera-esque bullshit about being found in an alley with no memory of what had happened to me just to pique your asinine interest?”

Rob blinked, blindsided. In his fantasies, this was not the direction things took. “Wh-what?”

“I hardly have the time or patience to exchange pleasantries,” she went on, voice going flatter as she spoke, “or share with you a time in my life that obviously is no one’s business, especially yours. So if you are finished wasting my time…?”

His face contorted with disgust. “Excuse me for saying, but you are a cold-hearted bitch.”

As he rose indignantly, she settled back into her seat and nonchalantly delved into Contemporary Mathematics again. “Damn straight, Bob.”

“And it’s Rob,” he spat over his shoulder.

As he stalked off angrily, she snorted to herself. “Shame only one of us cares.”

-From ‘The Woman in the Fire’

Tee hee. Tell him like it is. I love it. Perhaps in my Heart of Hearts, I am inwardly evil.

Now I realize that the picture of this woman depicted here seems unflattering to some. Danie does have some redeeming qualities–as you would learn if you cross her or someone she loves and/or cares about. She may think last and act first, but who needs to be so rational all the time, honestly?

Danie was slightly taken aback. “He said something about me?” Her voice came out small.

“Oh yeah, he sure did, love,” Orlando responded, tone hard. “He said that you were nothing but a whore and I was your bloody john. And there I was, defending your honor with a bloody baseball and I barely know you. As a matter of fact, it seems that you don’t like me at all and what I did out there was a fucking waste of time.” Frustrated, he slipped off his hat and ran a hand through his damp brown hair.

Danie’s face slowly went bloodless as Orlando ranted. Seeing the hurt in her eyes, Orlando felt himself deflate, the anger pouring out of him. Danie’s hurt eyes had poked a hole in his rage. He scrambled to think of something to make that look go away, but it was suddenly her turn to stalk off.

“Shit,” he muttered. Louder, he yelled, “Danie!”

Danie didn’t stop. She barreled through the metal gate, back to the field. Metal clanged against metal as she crossed the diamond, obviously heading for Brian. The injured player was currently being held up by Lawrence and Daniel. Brian’s eyes were red and his face was pale.

Daniel noticed her first. He started to say her name, but she glared at him, stopped him short. She looked to his older brother.

“Brian? Are you listening?” she said in a deceptively sweet voice.

Brian cracked open one eye in reply. Orlando paused a few feet away, feeling powerless to stop whatever was about to happen.

“Good. Because I have something to say to you,” Danie told him primly.

Daniel raised an eyebrow. Each and every one of the Tigers, who were standing by, looked on in complete and utter astonishment. They had no idea what was going to happen next.

“What the hell is she doing?” Samantha wondered aloud.

A moment later, they saw Danie punch Brian in the mouth. The crowd gasped again, and Danie marched off angrily with a haughty hair toss and her chin in the air. Reporters greedily snapped pictures and took notes for tomorrow’s newspapers.

Danie paused only on the pitcher’s mound to grab Orlando and kiss him full on the mouth.

-From ‘Meet the Sisters’

If Danie stepped into my life for a day, it would not be the same. She would try her best, but in the end, she would probably turn it upside down. Actually, I would probably be out of a job, less some friends, and would have gained some dubious followers.

But it’s fun to imagine, isn’t it?

New Year, New Content!

I have been hard at work the last few hours putting up the new page under Soul Love Live. It is simply ‘Miscellaneous,’ and it contains work of mine (all fanfiction for now, but that could change) that are not cohesive enough to post on the main SLL page or a prequel and or/sequel to an existing story. FNP might have one, too–I have not decided.

The best example is Like Water for Chocolate, which is a story with awesome scenes that I found myself randomly writing but can’t help but love. My favorite sections are ‘Glasgow’ and ‘Henry,’ because those scenes bring Henry Cavill into the story much more than the more finished first few chapters. Chocolate is unfinished, but I wanted to post it anyway. Not to mention, at one time, it was meant to be the sequel to The Masked Mistress, but now it only vaguely resembles its former version.

Also on the SLL page is a new entry: Hate the Girl. HTG is a fanfic I had started almost eight years ago that featured former singer/model Amanda Latona going head-to-head with Danie. Only two episodes of the “series” so far, but enjoy the extras!

I also updated the Aurora page because I finished the story over a year ago but forgot to post the last chapter and the epilogue. But now they are there along with the deleted scene “The Godfather” and the sneak peek at Della Loves Johnny, which I hope to dabble more with one day.

Enjoy, all!

Light for “Mirth” and “Winter”

I have posted two Soul Love Live stories, The House of Mirth and First Winter. There are no extras for the House of Mirth yet because I really haven’t returned to the story since last year. The extras for Winter, however, pertain to the story and are in no way supposed to be real. Does Jessica Simpson really have an album called Freedom? No. But like I said on the page, it would be cool. Though “Story of My Life” probably fits her perfectly now which is a bit sad, but oh well…

More stories soon, of course! Though, it might not be anything new since I’m in the middle of Strange Bedfellows for Serendipity.

But I had to include this lovely bit of awesomeness featuring Henry Cavill:

The Long Overdue Posting of “Rose” and “Affair”

Here I am with a lovely update! Yay! LOL, okay let’s not get crazy. I had an attack of nostalgia, and as a result I have posted BSB stories Rose Thorn Shock and So It Began With an Affair.  Rose Thorn Shock as you may guess is one of the few postable works to come out of my whole Pretty Soldier Midnight Moon series, along with the Mistress of the Shrine and To Catch a Fire Child. Both stories ironically are Jessica/Kevin Richardson-centered and Kristin is (dare I say it?) the bad guy. Oh snap. Well, check them out anyway if you please.

Serendipity and Midnight Moon


Sorry it has been so long since I have updated! I have been hiding out and jumping into Gundam Wing fanfiction again along with trying to get some original stuff off the ground. Serendipity is the home of the GW-centered works of my best friend Rachel and me, while Midnight Moon is the home of the Gifted Nine, a new version of the Midnight Senshi.

With the rebirth of Serendipity (it had originally been hosted on GeoCities) come the stories Strange Bedfellows, whose banner is posted up above, and the fun and ficclet-filled Alphabet Wing. An action drama tale centered around the lives of Heero Yuy and Daniella Thomas, Strange Bedfellows will be my second attempt to write a Relena-friendly story. If you read the stuff on Serendpity, you’ll find that Rachel and I make Relena into this  fanatical, Heero-obsessed character who makes Danie look good by merely breathing. However, with Bedfellows, I get to explore the dynamic between Heero and Danie without Relena seeming crazy in contrast.  I get to make it hard! He he. So check it out on Serendipity or FanFiction.net.